Home Sweet Home


As you all know, poor ole Benson only had §1,200 simoleons left after he purchased a huge plot of land. So, how exactly did he spend his money? By buying only the essentials. But, there was another problem. He didn’t have enough for the essentials. How was he going to get the money to buy what he needed.
AHA! Digging…digging…digging. That’s right, he dug up some nice gemstones and picked some nice flowers and veggies… those added up quite nicely.

So, he finally had enough. He built a 3×1 room and placed a light fixture, toilet, mirror, and shower. Outside of the room consisted of:

  • air mattress
  • sink
  • stove
  • counter
  • fridge


Now to keep on working so that he can expand his home.


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